Board Members

Our mission is dedicated to improving the lives of children around Northern California and the world. We do this by providing programs which help children, their families, and their communities. We provide access to medical care and related services that are not covered by insurance companies, hospitals, government agencies or community based organizations. We supply mobility equipment so children can be children. We provide educational supplies and scholarships. We are continually evolving in what we do and what we provide to fit the changing landscape of Northern California’s needs.

Board of Directors

Ayesha Williamson

Executive Director

Mark Anthony Porter


John Goldie

Vice President

Juval Lerner


Tim Schafbuch

Matthew Yocum

Julia Farquharson

Advisory Committee

Ian McPherson

Past President

Stacy Rusley

Nancy Foley

Rene Cender


Sandeep Subhedar

Lisa Giachetti

Noel Hansen

Bill Boone